Appealing Your Case

Whether you’ve been convicted of a crime or want to overturn a bad civil decision, we can help.

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  • Criminal Appeals

When you’ve been convicted of a crime, and want to challenge that conviction, you want someone who knows how the appeals process works.  Trials are different from appeals, just as diagnosis and treatment of an illness is different from surgery.

I am attorney who specializes in and has experience in criminal appeals, having worked on challenging convictions in multiple states. I am also on the post-conviction relief panel for the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS). Let me bring my skills and experience to bear for you in challenging your conviction, either directly or collaterally.  Remember: a conviction does not have to be the end of your journey through the criminal process.

  • Civil Appeals

The appeals process can be frustrating and challenging, and, in many courts, civil appeals take a back seat to criminal appeals. Your frustration can only grow if you don’t have a confident, experienced hand guiding you to your ultimate vindication. I can help to guide you through a difficult process of appealing a trial court decision, with the experience to give you the best outcome possible.

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