In Test of First Complaint Doctrine, Appeals Court Affirms Multiple Rape Convictions

SUMMARY: The Massachusetts Appeals Court affirmed a defendant’s convictions on four counts of rape, despite the fact that the events at trial violated a strict interpretation of the First Complaint doctrine, and, additionally, separate First Complaint witnesses/evidence were proffered for the separate rapes. CASE NAME: Commonwealth v. Lewis,_____ Mass. App. Ct. ____ (2017), No. 16-P-257, decided June 7, 2017. DECISION: Unanimous affirmation, 3-0, opinion by Justice Hanlon. JUSTICES: Justice Sydney

U.S. Supreme Court Partially Lifts Injunction on Travel Ban and Sets Oral Argument For The October Term

SUMMARY: In a bombshell immigration decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has partially lifted the majority of the injunction on President Trump’s travel ban, finding that the President can ban foreign nationals and refugees who are without a “credible claim to a bona fide relationship with a person or entity within the United States.”  The Court also ordered the matter to be scheduled for argument in the coming fall term. CASE

Appeals Court Affirms Peeping Tom’s Guilt, Despite Question of Whether Revised Law Barred his Actions

SUMMARY: In a Peeping Tom-type case, the Massachusetts Appeals Court affirmed the defendant’s conviction for surreptitiously videotaping two unwitting teenage girls under their sundresses, thereby rejecting his argument that the law in question did not proscribe his conduct in public places. CASE NAME: Commonwealth v. Nascimento,  ______Mass. App.Ct.______ (2017), Appeals Court No.16-P-1092, released June 7, 2017. DECISION: Unanimous (3-0), affirming the District Court, in an opinion by Justice Wolohojian. JUSTICES:

U.S. Supreme Court Unanimously Strikes Down Law Banning Sex Offenders from Using Facebook

A unanimous (8-0) U.S. Supreme Court struck down a North Carolina law that banned registered sex offenders from using social media (such as Facebook), as it the Court deemed it a violation of the First Amendment. The case is titled Packingham v. North Carolina. Despite the unanimity, the Court was divided on how far the First Amendment prohibits states from preventing sex offenders on the web. The majority (in an

In Juror Bias Case, Massachusetts Appeals Court Upholds Verdict

CASE NAME: Commonwealth v. Richard S. Nelson, ____ Mass. App. Ct.____ (2017), Appeals Court No. 16-P-808, Released June 5, 2017. SUMMARY: In the criminal (OUI) case of Commonwealth v. Richard S. Nelson, a unanimous Massachusetts Appeals Court held that a District Court did not abuse its discretion by failing to excuse a juror who admitted to potential bias. The Appeals Court went on to advise lower courts on how to

Great Legal Quote of the Day: Ronald Reagan

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” —Ronald Reagan, Speech to the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, March 30, 1961. Sources:

A Great Post on Free Speech and Free Speech Defender Marc Randazza, and Also Criticizing the ACLU and the SPLC

Scott Greenfield writes on the defense of free speech by Marc Randazza, First Amendment lawyer, who is defending Andrew Anglin, Neo-Nazi and founder of The Daily Stormer. Greenfield also criticizes the modern ACLU for failing to support free speech as they once did. In addition, Greenfield criticizes the SPLC for holding itself up as an unbiased judge of what a “hate” group is. Both the U.S. Constitution and the Massachusetts